Clarification on Joint Application Budget

The Pilot Health Tech NYC team is excited to see your applications come in by the Joint Application deadline on May 23rd. If you missed our Q&A Webinar, make sure to watch the recording.

As a reminder, Pilot Health Tech NYC will provide funding out of a total $1 million with the following parameters: 1) each selected winner will receive no more than 50% of the cost of an individual pilot program, up to $100,000 and 2) the host/innovator pair is responsible for providing funding or in-kind resources for the remainder of the budget, which must be of equal or greater value than the amount awarded. If selected, the two parties are free to decide how the Pilot Health Tech NYC funding will be allocated between host and innovator. The budget submitted as part of the application should be an accurate representation of the cost of the pilot program. 
All funding should be applied to the direct costs of the pilot only and should not include indirect costs, such as institutional overhead. For example, allowable funding applications may include staff salary, cloud storage, technical expertise and resources, and other costs as they relate directly to the pilot itself. If you have additional questions about acceptable allocation of funding, please email us at