Class 4 Funding Program Winners


Canopy InnovationsMaimonides Medical Center
Canopy Connect improves the coordination, tracking, and funding of interpreter services at healthcare organizations, to elevate the quality of care for the Limited-English proficient (LEP) patients. In the pilot, the  platform will be rolled out to 12-15 providers in departments with a need for “on-the-fly” translation services and then scaled to 45-60 providers and allow for the tracking and coordination of translation services.

CareGeneral / Northwell-Lenox Hill
CareGeneral offers a care coordination platform and web/mobile app that provides personalized care plans for patient adherence and education in up to 5 languages. In this pilot, CareGeneral and Northwell-Lenox Hill will target the Hispanic population (with a focus on diabetes management) to track patient engagement/adherence, utilization of hospital services and improved clinical outcomes/self-care behavior.


Klara Technologies / Betances
Klara is a cloud-based secure messaging tool for healthcare professionals used to assist with workflow, care coordination and patient-centered care. The pilot with Betances focuses on provider communication with their patients over messaging. The goal is to to reduce the time per patient request (which would typically be handled over the phone) and avoid unnecessary call-backs and voicemails.


PurpleSun / Northwell
PurpleSun offers a patented device that illuminates targeted spaces with UV light, to disinfect hospital/healthcare equipment in 90 seconds. With both a hardware device and mobile app, the pilot's goal is to evaluate the implementation of the PurpleSun System between surgery cases, evaluate the quality of disinfection and assess the process/impact on operational turnover time between surgery cases at 2 hospital sites.


Vital Score / AdvantageCare Physicians
Vital Score offers a point of care platform that activates patients to be more engaged in their health via chatbots, surveys and text messaging digital conversations. The pilot aims to increase rates of participation in ACPNY services with a focus on increasing the HPV vaccination rate.

Wellth / Mount Sinai
Wellth is a mobile based platform that helps patients change their behaviors so they get better faster. By applying behavioral economics through scalable technology, the Wellth platform helps achieve better adherence, engagement, and health. In the pilot, the Wellth solution will be implemented with Acute Myocardial Infarction (AMI) and heart failure patients to increase medication adherence, decrease readmissions and reduce costs per patient.