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I am an innovator--where do I find a host to pilot with?

If you are an early-stage healthcare technology company or 'innovator,' you can find a host by filling out the 'Find a Partner' form by the Thursday, October 8, 2015. Hosts will select which companies they are interested in piloting with and we'll reach out to the companies that are selected by hosts for roundtable discussions at the matchmaking sessions.

If I find a host or innovator on my own, can I still apply?

Yes, you are not required to go through the matchmaking process through the Pilot Health Tech NYC program. We encourage you to email us indicating your intent and require that you submit a joint host/innovator application in order to be eligible.

I already have an established partnership with a host for a pilot that is launching in 2016. Can I still apply?

Check with us just to be sure by contacting But in general, yes!

Are 'innovator' companies required to pilot with only the 'hosts' listed on the website?

Absolutely not! As long as the host meets the host eligibility criteria, 'innovator' companies are welcome to apply with hosts not listed on this website.

Are there any major differences between this year’s program and the previous programs?

This year's program is divided into two separate but complementary programs, the funding program and the matchmaking program. There are $1 million available in funding over three years. Matchmaking making events will take place twice a year.


More details coming soon!


If selected, how much of my proposal will be funded?

Pilot Health Tech NYC will provide $1,000,000 over three years  to selected pilot programs with the following parameters: 1) each selected winner will receive no more than 50% of the cost of an individual pilot program and 2) the host/innovator pair is responsible for providing funding or in-kind resources for the remainder of the budget, which must be of equal or greater value than the amount awarded. If selected, the two parties are free to decide how the Pilot Health Tech NYC funding will be allocated between host and innovator. The budget submitted as part of the application should be an accurate representation of the cost of the pilot program.

Who gets to keep the funding from the Pilot Health Tech NYC program?

Pilot Health Tech NYC will provide $1,000,000 over three years in funding to  winning applications. The 'host' and 'innovator' are free to decide among themselves how to allocate that funding.


What are the benefits of this program?

Pilot projects will receive $1 million over three years in funding. Each award will be distributed between the host and innovator. The winners will also receive pilot planning and implementation support, networking opportunities, resources and participation and promotion in major health events and conferences. In addition, selected winners will gain public exposure and access to key professionals, tools, and data within institutions that can help shepherd the pilot project. Please see prizes and perks here.

How is Pilot Health Tech NYC different from existing NYC incubators and accelerators like Blueprint Health, Startup Health, and the Digital Health Accelerator?

Pilot Health Tech NYC is neither an incubator nor accelerator, but rather a program that focuses on the commercialization and dissemination of innovative health technologies. Pilot Health Tech NYC seeks to connect a large number of early stage health technology companies with a diverse set of New York City-based healthcare organizations and stakeholders to support the creation of new pilot projects. These pilot projects may cover a range of focus areas and technology types that address the Affordable Care Act. The program offers funding, with no equity required for participation, to support technology development by the ‘innovator’ and offset the costs of support and implementation by the ‘host’.  Pilot Health Tech NYC works with or partners with the organizations mentioned above in an effort to support the healthcare technology ecosystem in New York City.

What does the Grantee Day entail?

Grantee Day is an exclusive event for winners of the program, where hosts and innovators receive additional mentorship, enjoy networking and benefit from PR assistance and legal advice. Grantee Day helps winners ready their pilots for launch, with expert speakers providing guidance on measurement, evaluation and other best practices.

What happens during Pilot Day?

Pilot Day is the culmination of the program where over 300 health tech community members, investors, and press will gather to hear the winning pilots and learn about the ambitious projects.


I’m an early-stage company with a prototype looking for a ‘host’ who can help me test the prototype with a consumer population. Will I be at a disadvantage if my proposed pilot project does not require technology integration and reflects a small budget?

Definitely not! We are looking for a diversity of hosts, pilot types and scales. The pilot proposal will be evaluated on the budget and scale of the pilot, including efficiency, completeness and realism of the pilot's budget.


If I don't get selected during a matchmaking session, what should I do?

If you do not receive a match, we still encourage you to find a potential host organization using your own network and submit a joint proposal by the December 18th deadline.

If I want to do a pilot project with more than one host or innovator, what should I do?

Both 'hosts' and 'innovators' are allowed to submit more than one pilot proposal with different partners. However, each pilot proposal submitted must be significantly different from one another in order to be eligible. For example, an 'innovator' cannot submit the same pilot proposal using all of the same products with several different 'host' organizations, and vice versa. Each joint proposal must be unique in its own way.

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