Spring 2017 Funding & Matchmaking

We are no longer accepting applications to the Funding Program.

Commercialization awards help health tech startups with market-ready products, pilot their technology with a NYC health technology Buyers.  
The commercialization award offsets the cost of conducting a pilot and supports the collaboration of NYC Buyers and Sellers. 

Matchmaking Event
Finding an organization to pilot your technology and finding new technologies is not easy. Digital Health Marketplace facilitates finding the right pilot partner. We received over 200 applications for the "Find a Pilot Partner" Matchmaking Event, held on April 6th at the New York Genome Center.

Health Tech Buyer Roundtable - February 9, 2017
NYCEDC and Health 2.0 are hosted a roundtable for new health technology Buyers to give an overview of the Digital Health Marketplace and previous pilots, developing pilots within an organization, the impact of piloting on an organization and how to start piloting. Buyers who are new to piloting or are a Community Health Organization were encouraged to attend. 

Funding Program
A total of $250,000 Commercialization Awards to conduct a health technology pilot. Buyers and Sellers must apply through a joint application. While encouraged to participate, Buyer/Seller pairs do not have to attend the Matchmaking Event to apply.  
By supporting the pilot of a technology, the commercialization award supports the collaboration of Buyers and Sellers and facilitates commercial partnerships.

Important Dates

March 3 2017:  Find a Pilot Partner Applications Due
March 28/29 2017: Notifications of Match
April 6 2017: Matchmaking Event 
April 26 2017: Q&A Webinar
May 5 2017: Joint Applications Due 
May 2017: Judging Period 
June 28 2017: Pilot Day