Innovator Opportunities



Apply for the opportunity to discuss potential pilots or partnerships with one or more healthcare organizations. Startup technology companies are selected to participate based on the expressed interest of a healthcare organization. One on one in-person 15-minute “speed dating style” meetings are arranged during an introductions event. Startups are notified of their selection as well as of interested health care organizations in advance.

Eligibility: XXX 

Funding Program:

Win up to XXXXXX to off-set the cost of collaborating with larger healthcare organizations. Participate in a pre-commercial pilot while putting your product in the hands of patients and practitioners from New York City’s leading healthcare organizations.

How do I find a healthcare organization to work with?

Funding matchmaking [optional]: Startup companies can apply to be matched with a healthcare organization to discuss a potential pre-commercial pilot. Matchmaking is not a required component for startup technology companies interested in applying for funding.

  • Startup companies are selected to participate based on the expressed interest of healthcare organizations.

  • Startups are notified of their selection as well as of interested healthcare organizations in advance.

  • One-on-one in-person 15-minute “speed dating style” meetings are arranged during a funding matchmaking event.

Eligibility: XXXX

Once I find a partner, how do I apply?

Joint application: Startup companies and healthcare organizations apply as a pair to our Funding program by submitting a joint application.

  • A panel of experts judges will review submitted proposals to select the winners.

  • Selected winners receive funding then implement their pilot projects over a period of approximately 3-9 months.

  • Winners will participate in an exclusive day of workshops, support, and guidance.

  • Applications without a healthcare organization and startup technology company pairing will not be accepted.

Eligibility: XXX

Digital Health Forum:

Purchase a ticket to attend our one day conference on digital health. Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of technologies that are transforming healthcare. The Digital Health Forum brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, hospital professionals, and industry leaders to explore the digital health landscape and to discuss how startups and healthcare organizations successfully pilot, partner, collect funding and bring new technologies to the forefront.

Priority Areas

The New York City healthcare community – including healthcare providers, payors, academic medical institutions, and entrepreneurs – participated  in the Eds & Meds 2020 strategic review of the healthcare technology sector led by the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). These stakeholders identified priority areas below in which innovative technologies can help address the Affordable Care Act by improving the quality of care and reducing healthcare costs. Applicants are encouraged, but not required, to address these priority areas with their technology submissions.

Novel Technologies:

  • Wireless health and home monitoring devices

  • Enterprise technology

  • Medical devices

  • Tech-based medical devices (i.e. with software component)

Data Use:

  • Data analysis to improve outcomes and/or reduce cost of care

  • Population level data analytics and predictive modeling

Patient Management:

  • Tools to improve patient compliance and disease management

  • Medication adherence and medication checking

  • Tools to improve communication and patient satisfaction metrics

  • Tools to manage clinical trials and patient networks

  • Effective marketing methods for new patients

Process Improvement:

  • Care coordination and integration

  • Productivity enhancements and streamlining processes

Consumer well-being and engagement:

  • Fitness and wellness

  • Healthy eating

  • Access to data and patient empowerment